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The Great Forge of Nidavellir
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Friday, September 29th, 2006
10:46 pm
Unholy_Blaze asked for a Murderous scene!Collapse )

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Sunday, May 21st, 2006
12:33 pm
Theory of the Multiverse 2006 (Revised)
Please note that I am well aware that I essentially copy-pasted the original version and made the necessary revisions by combining what was formerly in separate posts and adding my personal thinking on the subject of shared dreaming. The version that I wrote earlier in the year is just too cynical for my taste and it truly lost the charm of the original, so I'm hoping to make up for it with this.

In this day and age it is, or at the very least should be, common knowledge that the 
Universe in which we live is expanding. What is not so easily understood is that this same 
Universe is expanding absolutely everywhere. There is no center; there is no edge. As a 
consequence, it is extremely difficult to create a mental image of how this type of 
expansion would look. And what I am about to discuss is confusing on an even larger scale.

We (I won't say humans because there are plenty among us who deny being as such) live on a 
backwater little blue-green planet called Earth which orbits around the sun, a rather 
ordinary star in what is known as the solar system on the Orion Spur which orbits around 
the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which is just one in a cluster of about 40 galaxies 
within the Local Group which is in turn part of a larger Super Cluster which is in turn 
being pulled toward an invisible something called the Great Attractor. This is just putting 
the concept of the Universe into an overly simplified little nutshell without getting 
totally sidetracked by the poorly understood concepts of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. 
Sounds big, doesn't it? Sorry to break it to ya, but it really isn't.

If the Universe is actively expanding everywhere, then that brings me to the point that the 
Multiverse is not only expanding everywhere, but new universes are being invented 
constantly as with my previously predicted concept that each time history branches off a 
new universe is born and grows as a consequence of each of the potential outcomes of any 
given event or storyline. That's right, even works of fiction branch off into their own 
universes. As a consequence there are an infinite number of universes and that number is 
increasing constantly. Based on current technology this cannot be proved or disproved as 
interaction between universes is highly restricted especially considering we have yet to 
establish communication with other star systems, let alone galaxies. A whole other universe 
is completely out of the question right now. Still, it makes you think, doesn't it?

Well now, I didn't specify any kind of structure to the multiverse for the reason that I 
finally accepted that the universes can't be parallel since they are, for the most part, 
inter-related. This brings up the interesting point that universes can and probably do, in 
effect, overlap and influence one another. Moreover, dreams might be our experiences in 
another/other universe(s) at different times perhaps explaining why it is possible to 
perceive visions of the future or alternative versions of the past.  This might also 
explain the phenomenon of shared dreaming--when two or more people recall events from the 
same dream scenario including their interactions with the other participants in said dream 
which in turn is their shared experience in another universe.  Fun stuff, no?

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
10:15 pm
a theory or two
these two theories are trying to explain while seemingly inanimate objects seem to move at random without any apparent stimulus.

the 'jump' theory
all mass in space, creates a gravitic pull of some kind. now say that for some reason or another, a person's gravitic field is stronger in an instance, they pass by yonder coffee pot or lemonade jug and 'jump' thus far cheery or otherwise person is lept upon by the inanimate object.

the 'mind over matter' theory
'there is no spoon' we all know this one. you think hard enough and matter will bend to your will, thus you think thoughts about something, taking the coffee pot again...we think thoughts, in my case negative 'how i hate coffee' thoughts towards the object and it moves suddenly because your thoughts are dangerous like that.

this is all very brutish i know, but i don't have a coherant mind so this is the end resultant of that much gibberish, thoughts thinks and ideas.
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
10:06 pm
Possible background thingy?

... I made this and I never saw you online again Devs so I'm just posting it. XD

First set everything to Generator. Then copy paste this into the box thing.

and then shove these into place:

Page Link: #FF6600
Page Visited Link: #990000

...and wham. An atomic background for the group. =D I'm hosting the picture and everything on Photobucket. Don't trust that? http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/3184/explosivebackground9zd.jpg Throw that link in where it has the link to "kichigai neko's Photobucket" thingy.


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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
3:14 pm
On Energy and Life
Here's an interesting idea brought on by Full Metal Alchemist no less...life generates the energy for alchemy...or more accurately the death of life fuels that power. This is due to the law of conservation of energy that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This law essentially states that all energy that will exist in the universe is existing and will not fade, and in turn new energy will not be generated, in short energy is endlessly recycled. Thus the theory in Full Metal Alchemist, when one person from our world dies, it fuels the alchemy in the other world, The Gate acting as a switch board for that energy, routing it where it's called upon. Anyways, my theory is this, when a being dies, the energy released by this death must be shunted somewhere, bled away. Now if a way to entrap this energy could be created you come upon a source of energy that is all but unlimited...so long as you have people dying, you could supply this energy. Granted you'd have to find a way to harness that energy into a usable form, but it's still an amusing idea.
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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
3:46 pm
Theory of the Multiverse 2006
To explain the nature of the so-called Multiverse, it is first necessary to identify some kind of perspective on the physical universe. For example:

We, as human beings (those of you who are still in denial over this fact might as well get over it, you're not fooling anybody), live on the planet Earth. The planet Earth is round (for those of you who still can't seem to grasp the concept) and orbits the Sun (not the other way around) just like the rest of the planets (of increasingly debated numbers) in the solar system. It turns out that our sun is just another star, just like those little lights scattered across the sky at night, and orbits, along one of the spiral arms closer to the edge of the Milky Way, around the galactic center. The Milky Way galaxy in turn is only one of a number of galaxies clustered together to form the Local Group. The Local Group is part of an even larger Super Cluster and in turn is being pulled toward an unknown, invisible something called the Great Attractor. In addition, the universe is expanding everywhere at once all the time. This is is just stuffing the concept of the Universe into an over-simplified little nutshell without going into the poorly understood subjects of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

If the Universe is expanding everywhere, then logically that must mean that the Multiverse is doing the same thing on an even larger scale. Now that I've discussed the simple matter of assigning a sense of size to the Multiverse, it becomes necessary to explain how to account for the numerous Universes that would be necessary to populate such an incredibly large realm. Well, this brings us to the subject of alternative spacetime and the dimensional shift.

Alternative Spacetime is an insufficiently explored domain existing beyond physical reality or in more poetic terms "the land beyond the stars" which consists of the infinite void of creation, destruction, chaos, and indecision. It is everywhere and nowhere, has always existed and always will exist, was never actually created and therefore cannot be destroyed. Put simply, it is the infinite expanse of imagination and there is no limit to its potential. The important point is that it exists outside of physical reality.

The Dimensional Shift refers to the process through which events trigger a split in the timeline which in turn triggers the creation of a new universe to accommodate for and expand on the various outcomes of that event. This applies equally to physical reality as well as fictional reality.

There is no physical structure to the Multiverse and so anything could happen. Because of the scale of things, however, interaction between Universes is highly limited if at all functional. The only rational way to explore other worlds at all is in our dreams.

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Sunday, December 18th, 2005
12:38 pm
Neural Amplifiers
Classification: Physical Enhancement
Attribute: Energy Refinement (Alchemical and/or Spiritual)
Strength: Improves Innate Abilities (Alchemical and/or Spiritual)
Weakness: Life Force Drain (Alchemical and/or Spiritual)

Concept Analysis:
This assumes that if you were to connect some kind of mechanical attachment with its own magnetic field directly to the nerve centers of the body, it should be possible to increase and amplify the natural energy output of that body.

This would enable the user to accomplish tasks not ordinarily accessible to their regular energy release capacity.

This would drain life force energy directly from the user at an increased rate without regard to the damage being done by the strain on the body. While it could come in handy, much like the Philosopher's Stone, it isn't really recommended.

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Friday, December 9th, 2005
9:53 pm
A thought on how to control "hazard break" (re: first post):
By utilizing space-time manipulation, one could prevent problems with the interaction between the extreme heat and cold* sources by creating a rift in time around them, bending it (not rending it) to create a slow-time envelope around the plasma and zero-freeze, preventing a leak, and keeping it safe for the user.
A note on this: the speed pf the alchemy would be drasticaly reduced to accommadate the safety. It would also prevent a vortex from forming.
Prevew for possible next attack: controled vortex.

*: cold is an absence of heat and does not "radiate" cold. In fact, it sucks in heat. Although this is true, it feels as if the cold radiates outward from a source rather than heat radiating towards it.

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Friday, December 2nd, 2005
9:29 pm
I have come up with a series of theories and hypotheses on alchemy.

Fact: 2-D transmutation circle effects the third dimension.
Fact: To transmute, one must have some manner or form of array to start a transmutation.
Hypothesis #1: An array can effect space one dimension higher than it is constructed in. It may also be able to affect the dimension it is constructed in and all dimensions below that number.
Hence: A 2-D transmutation circle can affect 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D objects.
Theory: If the hypothesis is correct, then it is plausible that a 3-D transmutation "sphere" can effect the fourth dimension.
Hypothesis #2: The fourth dimension is time.
If both hypotheses are in fact true, then to "transmute" time, one must only create a transmutation circle in 3-D to create rifts in the time-space continuum.
If only hypothesis #1 is correct, then one may have to construct an extra-dimensional transmutation "n-sphere".
This is where the dimension containing time is the (n+1) dimension.
"n" is a variable, which in this case is a whole number greater than zero.
To demonstrate: a 1-sphere is a circle (contained in the second dimension), a 2-sphere is a globe (contained in the third dimension), and a 3-sphere is outer-space (contained in the fourth dimension).
This would be harder to create the higher up in dimensions that it goes, so for simplicity's sake:
Time will be contained in the fourth dimension and arrays will effect 1 dimension higher and all dimensions lower than it is constructed in.

P.S. I only thought of this last night.

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
7:10 pm
Okamiryuu (Wolf Dragon)
Classification: Golem and/or Shikigami
Attribute: Alchemical and/or Elemental (Natural and/or Spiritual)
Strength: Physical, Defensive, Elemental (Alchemical and/or Spiritual)
Weakness: Opposite Elementals (Alchemical and/or Spiritual)

Physical Appearance:
An Okamiryuu (Wolf Dragon) is typically a massive, wolf-like dragon with flowing blue-white fur and slitted, metallic purple eyes. It is four-legged with large, pawed feet that are fitted with three razor sharp, electric blue claws. Leathery wings of the same color protrude from its shoulder blades. A band of scales flows from the base of its neck, down the length of its back and to the tip of its serpentine (or occasionally scorpion) tail. The scales in turn are given their color by the dominant elemental assigned to the creature. Similarly, the actual size and color of an Okamiryuu depends on what is assigned by the person who summons it.

Elemental Appearance:

Colorless does not imply a total absense of color, but rather leaves the scales with the same color scheme as the remainder of the body.

Golems and Shikigami experience a general absense of pain which makes them formidable warriors. Also, depending on their size and potential strength they can be used for multiple tasks outside of the battlefield. In particular, an Okamiryuu makes an excellent mode of transportation.

Mostly, the process of summoning an Okamiryuu is limited by the size of the area. The time it takes to summon one depends entirely on the person doing the summoning. Golems and Shikigami always run a risk of going berserk on their creator.

Under no circumstances would I ever recommend making an Okamiryuu as a chimera. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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6:02 pm
Yay! My first entry!
Welcome, come one and all!
My first past shall be an interesting attack I made up, and I need help naming it! This attack, although alchemical in nature, will be based upon the properties of conservation, you know energy and matter.

Okay, here goes:
This attack it two pronged.

First, the obligatory activation of transmutation circle.

Then, potential energy (of electrons) gathers from surrounding area at an un-godly speed into my right hand.

Since almost all of the energy has left the surrounding area, the vicinity surrounding me would rapidly approach 0 degrees Kelvin (absolute zero).

The intense amount of energy in my hand, which would coalesce into a ball, wold then be collapsed from a sphere to a line.

This would create an extremely long stream of electrons fired at the speed of light, in a lightning bolt fashion.

The ball of energy could also be used instead as a large ball of plasma (or
more correctly, would create a trail of plasma when fired).

It would be harder to aim, but do an explosive field of damage.

This alchemy could be used as a localized or field effect.

In other words: either used in a specific direction or completely surrounding the user.

Pros and Cons:
Can be used as a quick and dangerous shield.
Can be a danger to the user.
One could manage to trap themselves in the center and freeze to death in seconds.
Directional is safer, but less area converted means less energy absorbed.

Note: I am not using energy from that door of death. There can be more than one door, you know?

P.S.: Can be used as a magic attack. Could also create a theoretical device to simulate this.

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